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OAG provides fleet support services for maritime projects for DoD and commercial customers. Our maritime bases of operations range from the Mid-Atlantic to Key West to California. OAG owns and operates, charters, and leases vessels and aircraft to provide mission essential support for a wide variety of missions sets.

OAG personal are the best in the business at sourcing the right vessel support assets and communications packages that providing vital links for deployed operations, training, and test and evaluation events.

OAG has expertise providing logistic and fleet support services to the Department of Defense. The company supports a wide variety of missions for the US Navy, US Marine Corps, and US Army, including maritime, UAS, USV, and UUV and counter-unmanned systems test efforts.

OAG and our partners provide turn key logistics support services at our hubs in Piney Point, Maryland; Key West; Gulf of Mexico; Long Beach, California; and Honolulu, Hawaii for a variety of customers.